A.S.S. Anti Strap System

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Frustrated with floppy bags, worn paintwork and cafe stop faff we sort to design as system this strapless quick release system for top tube bags/bento boxes/fuel pods. Works with most bag and bike combinations.

A.S.S. Slider

Replaces top tube straps

  • Bonds* to the top tube OR screws directly to bosses
  • Slide on/off quick-release - ideal for taking your valuables with you
  • 2 piece - 1 attaches to top tube, 1 attaches to bag
  • Works with bolt-on bags and others which can be easily converted**
  • No headtube strap required for small bags / bento boxes. Large bags may require use of the headtube strap or ASS Clip
  • Manufactured in-house using our Multi Jet Fusion industrial 3D printer and shot peened for surface toughness and quality.
  • Replacement VHB pads available here.

    *Using the supplied custom cut VHB pads - successfully used on thousands of our ENDURO mounts

    ** Instruction on converting non-bolt-on bags can be found online, in our experience stiffer bags are better for conversions.

    A.S.S. Slider Instructions

    A.S.S. Clip

    • Replaces headtube strap
    • 2 Piece - One attaches to bag and one replaces a 10mm stem spacer
    • No interference with stem
    • Increases stability
    • No rubbing
    • Quick-release
    • Works with all loose straps and many fixed ones***
    • Manufactured in-house using our Multi Jet Fusion industrial 3D printer and shot peened for surface toughness and quality.

    *** Does not work with straps that have buckles

    A.S.S. Clip Instructions


    Do I need a Clip if I’m using the Slider?

    It really depends on the bag and what you’re putting in it. A Tri orientated bento box will likely not need the clip. A huge 1.5L top tube bags full of electronics will need a clip. Tall bags will likely need a clip, bags with little stiffening will likely need a clip.


    Need to know more? Check out this review from LockedIn:

    "The A.S.S. Slider and Clip together form an unbeatable combination of security and anti floppy bag"

    - UK Gravel Collective

    "A great product that easy high quality, easy to use and has many benefits such as a quick release system, removes any untidy straps and makes your bag more secure and stable."

    - One Track Mind

    "The ASS SLIDER does away with Velcro and allows you to remove the bag rather than taking your camera, phone, and wallet out if you stop for lunch somewhere, very neat."

    - Offroad.cc

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Jose Garcia

    I got two as out a year ago and I recently purchase another one. I got it shipped from the U.K. And this one has a hook with a rubber band that attaches to the head tube.. like the improvement

    Steven Hyndman

    What a great product, now I can remove my toptube bag without unscrewing it from my frame all the time. Loving it 👌🏻


    A.S.S. Anti Strap System

    Great product, Well made, but...

    Easy to fit, very secure too.
    I fitted this to my gravel bike, a Canondale Topstone 1. The main problem I found was top frame tube and steering stem are not at 90°, so the C clip has to be 'persuaded' into place, hence the loss of a star. Maybe consider have the C clip being hinged where it fits to front of bag. Also, the screws provided to clamp the receiver to bag are too short for my bag as they don't go far enough into lock nuts, this has caused me to have to buy some slightly longer stainless steel M5 machine ****. Maybe supply 2/3 different lengths with kit? Overall a good product though.

    Vince Smith
    Great concept - well implemented

    I did not have any bolt-on points and a top-tube bag. The **** Clip solution was good for me. Though I had some changes to my stackers on my steerer tube to allow the clip ring to sit at the right height and retain my current stem height. The Clip itself was straightforward to mount on my top tube bag. Of course, with just the clip I still have my top tube bag with a velcro strap around the top tube, but the clip stopped the shifting of the bag.