TT Mount 2.0 - Modular - Computer Mount

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Option: 65-105mm c/c with Garmin insert

GoPro Module: No module

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TT Mount for Computers, Lights, Cameras & CDA Devices

The modular version of our TT mount has a head unit that accepts our modules for lights, cameras, and CDA devices. The computer insert is also replaceable.

STAY AERO. Move your computer, not your head.

With the unique range of adjustability, the 76 Projects TT Mount allows the rider to maintain an aero position whilst viewing key data from their computer screen. This is the most advanced time trial and triathlon computer mount on the market.

Chosen by top cyclists and triathletes such as Alistair Brownlee, Jonny Brownlee, Tony Martin, Steven Kruijswijk, Kimberley Morrison, Alex Dowsett.

We recommend the mount be placed behind the hands whilst in riding position and angling the screen for perfect viewing. This will minimise head movement and therefore drag.

  • Standard widths 65mm to 105mm, Extra-wide widths 100mm to 140mm (bar centre to centre)
  • Attaches to bars with rubber-coated velcro straps for easy adjustment.
  • Fits all round profile bars and many shaped bars including Zipp Vuka.
  • Brackets to fit Drag2Zero bars available on request.
  • Garmin OR Wahoo as standard. Go HERE for Polar and Lezyne inserts
  • All light extra modules and brackets can be found HERE
  • Spacers and extra screws provided to allow fine-tuning. 2x2mm, 2x3mm, 2x5mm, 2x10mm.
  • Manufactured in-house using our Multi Jet Fusion industrial 3D printer then shot peened for surface toughness and quality.
  • If you have a very narrow set-up and can’t turn your device to release we also do a No-Turn Insert that fits the modular mount.

    Find out more about 76 Projects TT Mounts and get fitting hints and tips.


      Customer Reviews

      Based on 36 reviews
      PT Beranjadi Cyclindo Internasional
      Review of TT Mount 2.0 - Modular computer mount

      Dear Sir,

      Hope you are well. As you probably know we have placed several repeat order of the TT mount 2.0 - Modular. So far we have not received any complaints or any sort of dissatisfaction from our dealers or our direct customers. Overall the TT mount 2.0 is a very good computer mount for our TT cyclists.

      Dave Meacham
      TT Mount

      Perfect. Absolutely what I was looking for.

      Marc Förschler
      Would buy again :-)

      Nice Customer Service & well engineered product. Love it and would recommend to people I like 👍🏼

      Carolyn Chambers
      TT mount 2.0 modular, wide

      Absolutely perfect for my needs. I race ultra endurance, and due to a combination of comfort and a medical condition in have my aerobars quite wide apart. This is the only mount bridge I have found so far that allows me to attach my bike computer exactly where I want it, freeing up space on my handlebars for lights and phone mount, whilst not compromising on my position.

      It has also given me the option to mount a light higher if I wish (I also run 60mm risers on my aerobars), and gives me space for an external power pack.
      Fits well on my aerobars, snug and secure. I’m using Profile Design brand.
      My Garmin 1030+ is quite hefty, but I have had no problems with the unit moving in-ride, and the Garmin fits well on the mount.
      The adjustability of the modular mount was great.
      My only negative point (and it is perhaps my own stupidity), is with the velcro closures. I have quite a lot of excess velcro, and tried to find out whether it needed wrapping multiple times of cutting to size, and couldn’t find this out.

      All in all, a great product, fit for purpose and exactly what I’ve been looking for! Thank you 76 Projects!

      Hi, thanks for the review. FYI The straps can be cut with scissors without fraying, there's even some cut guides at the end.

      Perfect Fit

      I have 3d shaped bar, syncro ergonomic, and this fits perfectly on it. Just great!