Saddle Rail Mount

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Option: Saddle rail mount bracket only

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For Discreet Mounting Of Lights and Other Devices

NEW Stiffer, grippier version!

Saddle rail mount clamp bracket compatible with standard round or oval rails. Fits the horizontal or angled section of rail if tight on space. Standard GoPro style slots.

Options for mounts of computers for riding on the track.

Manufactured in-house using our Multi Jet Fusion industrial 3D printer then shot peened for surface toughness and quality.

Brackets for computers and light systems can be selected below with additional ones also available HERE

For SEE.SENSE go pro bracket GO HERE

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Mike Tibbits
Great quality light mount.

This mount puts your light at saddle height (or directly in car driver eye line) and is super easy to fit and adjust.

Ian Stokes
A proper solution

None of the rear light mounts offered by the light manufacturers come close to the saddle mounts offered by 76 Projects. Don't waste your time with cable ties or other Heath Robinson solutions, just buy one of these. Perfect for time trialling or just general riding.

Graeme Lannigan
Exposure Trace Saddle Rail mount

This is a great mount, nice and chunky you can torque the bolts without fear. The exposure clamp sits high up keeping it tucked away (from dirt and grime) but letting the light shine out. It’s secure yet easy to remove and replace the light. I couldn’t be happier with this Mount.

Simon H
Saddle Rail Mount

Yep, all good! Does exactly what it is supposed to. The mount attaches securely to the saddle rails and the light sits firmly in the mount. Easy to install and easy to put the light into the mount. I use it for the See.Sense light but I am thinking about getting the Exposure TraceR fitting too.

Nick Castone
Amazingly simple

This is an amazing bit of kit. Really easy to install and just does it’s job. I use it for my rear Bontrager light and adapter because I have a dropper post.