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Perfect Fit

I have 3d shaped bar, syncro ergonomic, and this fits perfectly on it. Just great!

Great product! Fits great on my Gen3 Speed Concept bars.

Great for bigger bike bags.

Superb, extended the cage mount just enough to chuck a large frame back on without clipping the bottle.

Levo Gen 3

Great mount that fits perfectly on the slight curve of a Levo top tube

Perfect fit

Easy installation and good quality. Does not look big and not-aero when not in use, so it can stay on the bike


Fits the oneup pump perfectly, fits my Transitions frame mount perfectly what more could you ask for

Enduro Computer Mount
Frederic de Montaigu
Great mount

Keep my garmin 530 out if arm and yet in sight. Best mount for enduro and bikepark riders on the market as far as I can find...

Inline Pump Mount
Pete Dougan
One Up Components EDC Pump - Fitted to YT Capra Core 4 2022

Superb. Fitted in 5 mins.
Instant Improvement over the offset under bottle mount that One Up Supply. Now sits perfectly under top tube.

The only mount you need

I have used several bike com mounts through the years. Some hard mounted with limited adjustment, and some velcro and/or zip tie mounts which had good adjustment, but lacked decent stability. This mount (TT 2.0 race) solves that and delivers both stability and adjustability. Big thank to 51 speedshop for the recommendation.

Does what it say on the tin!

The mount is great quality, and after a nice OTB at the weekend my garmin was still exactly where I wanted it, unlike with the bar mount I’d been using, and it then went on to survive a good clean with the hose following the rather muddy ride!

Phone Adapter
chris andrews
Phone holder

Really pleased, great price, very solid, works a treat. Thank you!

Cable Bobbins
Simon Holmes

Great name and great product. Keep your cables exactly where you want them and will eliminate frame rub...these have become my go to for all my bikes.

Exposure rear light and 76 Projects saddle rail bracket

The light is great, used mainly for road sections in daylight and seems very effective. It was a replacement for the one I lost when the Exposure bracket broke....the 76 Projects saddle mount is a much better design

Enduro Computer Mount
Christopher Smith
Expensive but well made and convenient solution

I’d been running an outfront Garmin mount but it really exposes the computer to potential for damage in a crash (I’ve bent some outfront mounts!). My new carbon framed bike had sufficient room and position and actually made it easier for me to see the mapping and it sat nicely on the carbon. I followed the guide for adhereing it and leaving the sticky pad to cure before using and can confirm it sticks to a flat profile carbon top tube like **** to a blanket!
For the cost in all honesty I’d actually want two mounts with them being simple printed plastic (and sacrificial in a crash) or price another couple of £s and supply two?
So to summarise, an expansive but great performing versatile mount, just ensure you follow mounting instructions as I could see the 3M sticky pad being compromised if not.
Will I buy another for the other bike/s, only if the wife’s out………

Piggy on bike storage

Great bit of kit

TT Mount-Modular and No Turn Insert.

Already had TT Race Mount, which is brilliant by the way, but wanted to use a larger bike computer (Garmin 1000) so had to buy the Modular Mount and No Turn Insert.
The mount and insert arrived very quickly and they are a brilliant piece of kit. So much so that I also bought an Exposure Trace light and module which fits perfectly underneath the TT Modular Mount. Only little gripe I would have, is the Torx headed screws used to fit the insert into the mount, which is probably just a personal thing, much rather prefer Allen key screws.
Anyway, best TT computer mount on the market in my opinion.

Saddle Rail Mount
Mike Tibbits
Great quality light mount.

This mount puts your light at saddle height (or directly in car driver eye line) and is super easy to fit and adjust.

great setting options

fits perfectly, even on syntace c3

Go Pro Exposure Trace Mount

Fantastic little piece of kit.
Light now sits nicely under my Garmin stem mount and bars are a lot cleaner.

Genius concept

I mount my TT mount under my D2Z bars rather than on top so it's out the way of my hands and this is essential for me to be able to remove the GPS without taking the whole mount off. Works perfectly and is super secure so really happy with it.

Micro Piggy
Giles Adams
Great product

Good quality product and great customer service I would recommend this and definitely buy other products.

Great Mount!

Second one for me - prefer this over mounts on stems or bars.

Easy installation and reliable

I read about these online when I was looking for a way to solve my tubeless clogging problem. The one thing that struck me was the unconventional way to install it. It's only unconventional because it doesn't follow the insert-then-secure method like contemporary valves, which this obviously wasn't. After **** the whole thing on (took only about a minute); it's done! I'm into my third week of use and there's absolutely no sign of a clog. Secondly, this is the only valve I have where I absolutely have no need for a pressure canister to seat the tires on my road and gravel bikes.

The only gripe I have is the necessity in using a chuck adapter with my Lezyne pumps. While they fit great and work well, I wish the valves were designed not to need these.

Saddle Rail Mount
Ian Stokes
A proper solution

None of the rear light mounts offered by the light manufacturers come close to the saddle mounts offered by 76 Projects. Don't waste your time with cable ties or other Heath Robinson solutions, just buy one of these. Perfect for time trialling or just general riding.

Brilliant Inline Pump Mount

This is my second inline pump mount, the first from a different vendor cracked on install, but this one from 76 Projects is a better type on plastic so no such issues. This one is also lighter and holds the pump closer to the frame. Highly recommended!