TT Computer Mounts

76 Projects TT Mounts are chosen by many of the world's top Time Trialists and Triathletes who recognise how the unique design allows them to maintain their aero position whilst viewing their data.

Move Your Computer NOT Your Head

Some computer mounts for extensions may claim to be aero, in isolation in a wind tunnel they maybe but what about in the real world? In the real world the rider accounts for 60% of drag and the savings generated by wearing a aero helmet are soon lost if the rider needs to move their head to every time they view their computer. 

This is what Simon Smart, cycling aerodynamics pioneer, has to say about the 76 Projects TT mount:

The mount allows the computer to be positioned directly behind the hands.  This is the most aerodynamically efficient position for the computer.
Firstly, because local aerodynamic drag on the computer is significantly reduced as it sits in the wake behind the hands.
Secondly, because it is possible to glance at the computer whilst retaining an optimal head position for aerodynamics and visibility.

Simon Smart D2Z

Adapts to different bar shapes

By using a hard bracket that covers only 1/4 of the circumference of the bars 76 Projects TT mounts fit non-round profiled bars as well as they do round ones.

Which Variant Do I Need?

From 10 mile TTs to Ultra Distance we have a mount to suit your requirements

Race - Using a minimal head size this is the smallest TT computer we do. Fits set ups with 60-100mm center to centre distance between extensions. Narrow version for 50-90mm distance. Garmin or Wahoo only.

Modular - Uses a slight larger head with replaceable computer inserts - Garmin or Wahoo fitted as standard, replacement Polar and Lezyne inserts are available separately. Modules for attaching lights, cameras and other devices may be fitted to the underside, more detail here. Fits set ups with 65-105mm center to centre distance between extensions. Extra wide version for 100-140mm distance.

Ultra Distance Computer Mount - Similar to the extra wide Modular TT mount this mount is compatible with the Garmin 'Charge' power pack and is fitted with a special no turn insert.

One Sided Mounts

While 2 sided mounts are key to the adaptability of our standard TT mounts our work with the Team BikeExchange pro tour team and an unexpected UCI rule change (you can find out more here) meant that a single sided mount is required in specific situations. The brackets are extension specific and are available to fit Vision TFE, Drag2Zero, and Look Aergo.

Selection and Fitting Hints and Tips

The adjustability of our TT Mounts means that they can they can be configured a number of different ways.

Computer Height

Most people set up the mounts with the brackets sitting on top of the bars. Alternatively, if you wish to have the computer positioned lower, the bracket may be used on the underside of the bar.
Note: If computer is not at or near parallel to the bars or the bracket is underneath them there must be clearance for the computer to turn for fitting. In this scenario a modular TT mount with a No Turn Insert should be used.

'No Turn' Computer Insert

Instead of turning the computer to fit or remove this insert uses a lever to lock the computer in place. Ideal of narrow set ups. Garmin and Wahoo only.

Head of mount facing backwards

A good position for hiding the computer behind your hands