CTT Mandates Front Lights

CTT Mandates Front Lights

Here in the UK the CTT's decision to mandate the use of front lights for all Type A and Type B Time Trials has caused a bit of a stir. Personally, we think it's a good idea, anything to make a rider more visible, especially to traffic joining from side and slip roads has to be good thing.
What about aero you cry? Assuming you ride with a small modern LED and not the Eveready lights from your mum's shopper, a well positioned front light creates negligible to no drag.  As well as being designed for daytime use, side vision and the ability to mount the light at the correct angle are also important considerations. We like the Exposure Trace but there are plenty of other small lights that fill the bill.


We like tidy cockpits so, naturally, we have a few solutions to mounting lights:

Using 76 Projects Modular TT computer mount: Modules can be attached to the bottom of these to give a number of light options:

Trace Module; designed to be as small as possible. Fixed angle works with computer angled 0-15 degrees:

Using a GoPro standard module; Any light that has a GoPro style fitting bracket can be used with this module. We have brackets for Exposure Trace, 22.2mm diameter lights (Exposure Joystick etc), 25mm diameter lights, and Garmin Varia.

Already have one of our TT race mounts but now need to fit a light? You can swap the race head out for a modular one and add the insert to suit your computer.

What if you don't use a computer or don't want to mount you light under your mount? Then we have use a GoPro bracket for extensions that can be used in combination with GoPro style brackets:


These are the solutions that already existed. We are developing more light mount solutions to be launched before the 2022 TT season starts.

Email at info@76projects.com if you have any questions.


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