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a quite ergonomic help for my '' high-hand '' position

installed on my PD ASC 52 , trimming 2 cm of current hand extension and placing little bit inward .... the result is a very ergonomic hands support and very aero position overall ... moreover the assembly and disassembly process of my TT bike is now much easier since wireless blips on end of the poles are eliminating any cable routing or limitation on position of the aerobar

Awesome Products, super quick delivery.

Piggy Saddle zip case

I bought this for the 2024 Fred Witton as I was tired of constantly carrying everything in my pockets and I wanted something compact, strong and secure for the enduring terrain. And I have to say, I haven't been disappointed. In fact, I forget that I am carrying this on my bike because it is so efficient. I am able to pack within a spare 700c inner tube, 2 co2 canisters, a multi tool and an Apple tag so it is perfect for everything you need when out on a road bike.

Annie Parker
useful but needs some alterations

A handy little gadget, if you want to take an inner tube with your tools. I like the split link storage. For the tools I need and a mini pump, the velcro strap is too big, and the pump has to fit diagonally to try and keep it secure. A semi circular cut out at either end would help the pump to fit more securely. Maybe a waterproof closed cell foam pad on the base for tools to snug into keep secure.

TT scenes

Great item, I’ve been struggling to find a decent, secure mount for my Garmin and this is the best one by far. Highly recommended.

Great product

Love these valves, now have them on all my bikes. Easy to install, easy to use, idiot proof and bullet proof. Pump secures nicely on them (Oneup 100cc). Can’t fault them

Perfect saddle bag 0.5L

Just what I've been looking for. Fits perfectly under the saddle and is really secure.
Holds tyre levers, multi-tool and a spare inner easily

Paolo Rapino
Stable and solid

It is stable and solid. Working perfectly

Awesome computer mount

Just perfect 🤩

The solution I've been searching for

Excellent design, quick to install, can leave wheel valves resting in any direction and flawless use with normal and electric pump without any sealant spraying through. My charge pump works perfectly with these (just need to push the head on a bit more) so am happy to give the negative reviewer below a demo.

Silca and normal presta valves and not friends - this resolves everything. I do worry a little about the fragility of the dust cap but time will tell

Mr. David Salt
Cable bobbins

A very neat way of holding your cables in place, nice simple but sturdy item, far better than cable ties. Highly recommend.

Christian Egelmair
TT single mount

Works perfect on my Vision Metron TFE Pro Extension and brings my Wahoo to the place where I need it to be. Installment was as easy as it gets and a lot of extra parts for different setups are included. Can only highly recommend it. Great job👌

Top product and service

Simple, effective, good value, I’ll be back for more.

Christof Martin
The Garmin mount is loosening

The TT mount overall is okay, fits perfect to my extensions. But one thing that is not so good is that my garmin edge 540 is not fitting exactly into the garmin mount.. it always gets loose.

Rob Smith
Great quality

Great quality as always. Deceptively spacious and totally waterproof (fitted to the downtube on my gravel bike, the muck gets hosed off after a ride and the contents are dry)

Super Product Perfect Size

Great well made saddle case/bag, which is superb quality and perfect size for me.

TT mount 3.0

Works well with little fuss and holds my Garmin exactly where I need it.

Edward Daly

Solid solution for holding brake hoses in place. Once fitted, they do not slide or move about like other solutions on the market. Simple and effective solution.

David Clark
TT 3.0 Mount - Superb

Super piece of kit. I've had the earlier versions and all have been great. This one is the best yet and one of the only I can find for ~50mm gap between the aero poles.

Excellent...clear recommendation!

When you purchase at an overseas partner you don't know, you better do not expect much. So did I, but I but was convinced by the better. 76projects is a reliable supplier. Communication was prompt, shipment realy quick. Solely official customs authorities (due to BREXIT) were a pain in the a***...but after I dropped them some documents, the ordered items reached me a couple of days later. Thanks guys!

Jonathan Logan
Stays put and well made

Strong materials, well sown with a good zip. Doesn’t move about at all. I have the 0.3 and the 0.5
Can fit 2 x Tubilitos co2 lever and tools in the small one and the same plus chocolate bars in the big. Perfect really and the strap is long enough to secure a shell or another tube if needed.

Look good. Fitted easily and inflated the tyres v v easily. Will they get blocked? I can only tell you that in 6 months time, but they look to be less prone to clogging as the gaps are far larger than in a standard valve. Service was v quick and easy too.


Using it on a Ibis HD6 the little piggy is simply the perfect storage solution.

David Eglesfield
Great little gismo

Works perfectly with exposure zenith light

Looks good but not for enduro

It took me time to choose the little piggy as my tool on bike holder but I thought that was the best a ai le on the market.
Gréât size great quality and I could fit my multi tool, a knife, tubeless repair kit, C02 and a few bits.
But, the plastic/ rubber strap didn’t hold correctly enough… first enduro race in the French pyrenees yesterday with it and I lost the bag during the race…. Couldn’t find it back…
Really made because it’s not a cheap bag and strap and all my tool kit was in… expensive loss
Not made for enduro, not made for rough terrain ….

Hi, I'm sorry to hear that you lost the bag. It Little Piggy was designed with Enduro in mind and has been tested to ensure it does so.
Was the strap removed and refitted at any point? If it is not fitted as shown in this video it will slip
The strap should also be tensioned tightly.
Please email and we will sort you out a replacement bag.