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Great mount

It is a very well made product. Would recommend 2 things though:
1. To buy 2nd/spare rubber as it is easy to loose it - doesn't attach permanently to the mount.
2. Use bigger (longer) GPS mount if You want to use it with ie Convoy S2 or S2+ style lights below Your GPS as it is hard to operate lights button on the light with short gps mount.

hi. thanks very for taking the time to write a review. the silicone band will stay in place if its installed on the side with the tighter grip. its easy to see which one is which. get in contact if you need a replacement band. cheers paul

A brilliant product

I had been searching for s modular mount for a while that would allow me to connect my Exposure light to a bike with aero handlebars and this is the perfect solution. Easy to install, high quality and robust. Would definitely recommend!

Work Perfectly

No more clogging, tyres inflate so much better.

Perfect job

Holds the pump well and sticks to the frame like **** to a blanket, top do!

Hi Flow valves

These things are awesome, made inflating tyres so much easier, you can install the fluid through the valve but it's messy, just install the fluid into the tyre and then seat the tyres as per the instructions. Connecting a pump to inflate isn't the best of fits, but the valves do work and look great.

Skeptical at first, now amazed

When I first received these valves after inspection I didn't use them, they just seemed so different and stuck to my go to valves.

Recently built up a new bike and finally installed these valves. They work amazingly well. The flow is soooo much better. Be careful airing down as it doesn't take much compared to old school vales.

Airing up so much faster as well, just few pumps and your there as your not fighting the clogged valve.

Best of all no clogs!

Work fine with One Up pump and generic floor pumps, I did not need any adapter.

When airing down be sure to redirect air away from your rotor as its easy to blast sealant out on first press it flows so hard and fast. Good stuff!

If your not sure, do it. Great upgrade. Nice work 76P, impressed.

Excellent Mounts

These mounts are very easy to fit. They allow you to use space on your frame that wouldn’t otherwise be utilised and allow you to carry more on bike rather than in a hip-pack/backpack. Adhesive sticks just like a GoPro mount so it ain’t coming off. Also affordable.

Perfect flow

Project 76 is perfect for tubeless riding.
Due to the structure of the valve, you do not get latex clogging in the valve.
The tires can be easily inflated. Furthermore, they look slick.

Rear light bracket


Bin all your other mounts and buy one for every bike.

Super pleased with this mount! As a gravity rider I check my stats sporadically so it doesn't make sense to have my gamin constantly in view. This keeps the computer out of the way and it's ridiculously sturdy. Recommending to all friends.

Luckily the firehouse red matched my bike well so it would be great to see more colours to match more colours!

Great products - best design out there!

Top products with very clever extra little details that set them apart from the competition. The mounts are sturdy enough to hold my Exposure lights but the rubber o-ring as an extra safety measure is an example of this. 10/10!


Adam Featherstone
Grande little bag

Got this because all my other saddle bags also attach to the seatpost and new Pinerello has a coloured seat post, didn’t want to scratch it, silica make a similar bag with a boa closure, in reviews the boa system just collects too much dirt and jams. Used this (0.3l version) on a few gravel Fomdos now, it holds a gravel (700cx40mm tubilito, a couple of gas canisters, a high flow va;fe adaption and a couple of tyre leavers, thinking of getting the bigger one. Love it

Good mount

Works fine so far, - Design suggestion - my lanyard isn’t long enough to go round the frame, it would be useful if it had a hole for a lanyard built into the mount

Stephen Prentice
Essential Accessory

How have I managed without this? I won’t be without one again 👍

Excellent and def not bobbins as Mark & Lard would day! :-)

Best cable tidy available!

Essential Ride Wallet

Fanatic product where I can store my phone and bike tools when riding safely.

Near Perfect Positioning

Rob helped advise me on which model to get to fit to Profile ASC43 aero extensions. Along with an extension bracket the position sits comfortably behind and between my wrists. There’s a slight angle to it, but that only because the bars are an awkward shape and angle and Rob is working on a closer fitting one. Excellent customer service, friendly and I recommend their products.

Pretty essential piece of kit

For hi flow valves on my gravel bike, I only carry so many co2 cartridges, a mini pump won’t work, so got one of these, it is larger and much more robust than the images suggest on the site, should be shipped with the valves to be honest, but I suppose would bump up the cost

Smashing product

Fits perfectly, well manufactured bit of kit. Snaps the garmin into place better than original mounts. We'll happy

Enduro mount.

Nice and secure, my lovely one piece bar and stem look nice and uncluttered now.

PT Beranjadi Cyclindo Internasional
TT Mount 3.0

The new TT Mount 3.0 looks really good in addition to the ease of mounting the mount accesories. Overall a very smart improvement.

Bought for its strength

I wanted an out front mount for integrated bars that was strong enough to handle a hefty bike computer. This seemed to fit the bill and 76Projects reassurred me about its ability to work with a 1030 plus. So far so good.

Nicolas Huber


Super light 500ml bottle

Excellent bottle, works and looks amazing 🤩. Just a shame no 750 size bottle