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Great Little Mount

Bought this to mount my Fly 12 camera on my aero bars. Fits a treat and doesn't move. Recommended.

A.S.S. Anti Strap System
Sebastian Griffin
Bolt-on Clip Please 🙏

As I already have a version of this supplied with the top tube bag, I was hoping to get the bolt through clip with this set so I could fix it to an Ortlieb bag I use for bikepacking which doesn’t have front straps (I didn’t look closely enough at the description). My current system works great so I know this will too, so, 5 Stars. I also have many of their products which I think are fantasticly designed and manufactured. Unfortunately I can’t use this clip as the Ortlieb top tube bag doesn’t have a front strap. I did message 76 directly to see if they could supply the bolt on front clip and they said they would see what they could do the following day. I messaged a few days later for a progress update but I’ve yet to hear back, that was quite some time ago so I hope they haven’t gotten lost looking 😆 Maybe I’ll give them another little nudge.

Try them to see how good they are

The valves really do allow a higher airflow and this does seem to help with tyre mounting in particular. Also the way that the stem has a removable internal plug to aid fitting is a great detail. Will buy again!

Enduro Computer Mount
Tango Charlie
All this kit is awesome

Really well thought out products at a fair price solving annoying problems that bigger companies seem to just be unaware of. Leaving niche gaps for companies like 76 Projects to thrive by delivering such good solutions.

No Turn Computer Insert
Chris Pitblado
Great piece of kit

Ideal for my needs. Solved a problem and works perfectly

Enduro Computer Mount
Michael Maletic
excellent low-profile way to mount a bike computer

I've tried a lot of different mounts and they haven't completely hit the mark. This one is simple and puts the computer in an accessible and protected location.

Inline Pump Mount
Mark Quayle
Briliant simple bit of kit

Stoked with this product, it’s by far the best quality in the market.

Garmin Mount review

This is my second review for the Garmin Mount the first review I gave 2stars because My Garmin didn't feel secure on the mount.76 projects responded back with apologies and sent me a new one,and fits great.thankyou.😊

Inline Pump Mount
Jonathan Webb
Works perfectly with OneUp pump

Used mount on accessory point on a Spur, holds OneUp pump really securely and close to the frame.

The best I've used

Highly recommended. The design highlights are:
- wide strap (doesn't budge on/off road)
- 0.5l storage space (perfect as strap shrinks it down)
- full zip (it folds fully open so you can reach everything)
- sturdy fabric (it won't wear through on contact points)

Saddle Rail Mount
Matthew Phipps
Super saddle mount AAAAA+++++

Great product, well made and easy to install. Quick delivery. Would definitely recommend and will use 76 Projects again 👍

The perfect mount for viewing your Wahoo Bolt/Garmin whilst time trialling

The 76 Projects mount was recommended by a team mate and I can see why. The modular construction means you can position it wherever it works best on aero bars. It’s so much better and safer than the fixed length mount I’d used before.

Decent bracket

Nicely engineered light bracket, does exactly what it is supposed to do

Enduro Computer Mount
Christian Schlittler

Cool enduro mount but robustness could be improved.

No Turn Computer Insert
Mr Christian Kemp
TT mount 2.0 and quarter turn

This was the only product I could find to attach my Wahoo to my Profile designs 43ASC extensions. It fits perfectly, doesn't wobble about but still allows my wrists to rest on the extensions. It's seems very well made.

Great mount and service from 76 Projects

This is the second mount I've used from 76 Projects, needing to upgrade for the CTT regs. The mount is brilliant for my needs and the integration of the Exposure light mount very good. Can't see there being a neater more aero solution. Paul and Rob also very sorted me with a new strap as a warranty replacement with no hassle when my 2 year old one gave up (lots of position and bar changes) their service and help was top notch

TT Mount 2.0 - Race - Computer Mount

Pocket Rocket

Very powerful for its size. A good pattern to ride through. Be seen on your bike with the strobe pulse! The battery lasts.

Excellent product, top notch customer service

I used this Garmin mount on my TT bike at Outlaw Nottingham on Sunday and it was great. Fitted perfectly on my aero bars right where I wanted it. Garmin goes on smoothly and stays put. Had to get some customer service help which could not have been better. Absolutely recommend this company and their products 100%!

Neat and tidy solution

These not only make the cables and cockpit look tidy and streamlined but they stop the cable rattle. Great job on the design and fit!

A.S.S. Top Tube Bag
Paul Taylor
Sturdy, neat, practical, great desgin

Does everything it claims and looks great on the bike. Fit my large format phone (S21) in a hefty case just fine. Great for the bikepacking trip I bought it for. Good place to keep money/cards/phone snacks/battery pack. It could still be improved, the stem spacer doesn't fit great and the collar that snaps to it needs to guided on when you re-mount it. This could be made a single action with some further design development.

Response to reply

I have seen your reply, a few things I'd like to add, as you seem to miss out things tobsuit your review.
1. Yes I returned as ordered valves too long, but didn't expect a premium priced product in a second hand battered box, and some of the colour taken off the valves due to second hand.
2. I returned the valves, I was origonally told valves had not arrived back yet then a few days later told they had arrived back, I was asked by other member of staff if posted recorded when I said no 2nd class I'm then told oh I made a mistake I was on turbo trainer when replied and replied to wrong person. How convenient ha.
3. I have since contacted royal mail who did an investigation nothing to suggest not delivered but not recorded.
To be honest the refund is irrelevant now. But I feel I've been lied to. And the item did in fact get delivered back. But once 76 found out not recorded decided to change mind and saythat they never received them and made error.
Make sure if returning to this company thst you record parcel.
Dishonesty not a good company policy for £25

Hi Graham, even more than the quality of our products we pride ourselves on customer service. Please refrain from accusing us of lies and dishonesty, you are misrepresenting the email conversations we have had.
Despite the above I do have sympathy for the situation of RM losing your return so will be giving you a 50% refund.
We always send using a tracked service and we recommend that customers also send any returns back using a tracked service. We will make this clearer from now on.
Kind regards

Garmin TT mount

Great little bit of kit. Adjusted to my bars and fitted quickly.
Has stayed in place for 3 races. I like it

Solution looking for a problem

I bought into the hype from the article, but these things have been an enormous disappointment. They basically dont work at all, as it seems the o-ring seal has failed. Plus, you need an adaptor that you have to buy separately if you need to thread anything at all onto the valve stem - think airshot tanks for inflation, etc. Really, overall, they aren’t worth the cost of a postage stamp.

Hi Jack,
From reading you description something is clearly not right with your valves. Please email and we will investigate.
The requirement for an adapter when using a screw on pump head is clearly stated on the product page. If we could achieve the same hi flow with a design that was compatible with all pumps we would.

Enduro Computer Mount
Arjan Boldingh

Perfect fit and looks great!🔥