HI FLOW 'No Clog' Tubeless Valves

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Colour: magenta

Size: Size 2 - 30-50mm

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Specifically designed to work with tubeless systems.

76 Projects' HI FLOW valves have 4x the air throughput and a redesigned core that helps prevent sealant build-up.

Tubeless bike tyres and rims were introduced 20 years ago yet tubeless systems still use the Presta valve standard. The clearances in a Presta valve are smaller than the holes that sealant is supposed to be able to block so it's no surprise that the valves get clogged.

  • 'No Clog' internals - Greatly increased clearances prevent sealant build up.
  • 4x greater air flow (compared to Presta) - Fill the tyre faster to help seat and seal the bead.
  • Inject sealant directly through the valve centre. Although we still recommend adding sealants with particles directly into the tyre.
  • Compatible with standard rims and holes for Presta valves.
  • Lightweight at just 9 grams a pair.
  • High precision CNC machined aluminium.
  • Come supplied with spacers to allow fitting to different rim heights.
  • Completely rebuildable for cleaning.
  • Compatible with rim inserts.

DESIGNED TO WORK WITH PUSH-ON PUMPS AS STANDARD. Screw on Adapters available separately.

Size 1 - 15-35mm rim heights

Size 2 - 30-50mm rim heights

Size 3 - 45-65mm rim heights