HI FLOW 'No Clog' Tubeless Valves

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Colour: Magenta

Size: Pair of Size 1 - Rims 15-35mm

with screw on adaptor: yes

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Specifically designed to work with tubeless systems.

76 Projects' HI FLOW valves have 4x the air throughput and a redesigned core that helps prevent sealant build-up.

Tubeless bike tyres and rims were introduced 20 years ago yet tubeless systems still use the Presta valve standard. The clearances in a Presta valve are smaller than the holes that sealant is supposed to be able to block so it's no surprise that the valves get clogged.

  • 'No Clog' internals - Greatly increased clearances prevent sealant build up.
  • 4x greater air flow (compared to Presta) - Fill the tyre faster to help seat and seal the bead.
  • Sealant can be directly injected through the valve centre (see pic). Because the valves allow such fast and reliable inflation we recommend adding sealant directly to a unseated section of the tyre.
  • Compatible with rims having holes for Presta valves.
  • Just 9 grams a pair.
  • High precision CNC machined aluminium.
  • Completely rebuildable for cleaning.
  • Spare parts available here.
  • Size 1 Compatible with rim protection inserts



Size 1 - 15-35mm rim height* Compatible with rim inserts

Size 2 - 30-50mm rim height*

Size 3 - 45-65mm rim height*

*unlike normal valves our HI Flow valves are specified by the rim height rather than the valve length.


HI FLOW valve spares here


    BANG! The bead snapped into place almost instantly. We really did not expect such a dramatic result. We always use a small amount of soapy water to assist seating, but used very little this time and can only attribute this to the much higher flow rate of the valves.


     What can I say? These are the future of MTB valves. Why would you use a Presta valve ever again when these are available?

    One of the best products I have tested to date and I will be fitting these to all my bikes in the near future.


    GMBN Tech Sticker

     CycleTechReview - CycleTechReview

    ‘Hi Flow’ Tubeless Valves – the end of Presta?

    I fitted a pair and BAM! Well actually more a poof! I was able to seat a pair of Schwalbe X-One tyres to some Mavic Open Pro UST rims using just a track pump. It was easy, just a few strokes and up they went. So, so far the ‘Hi Flow’ valves have impressed. They stayed sealed, no leaking around the valve, I’m happy.

    Paul Horta Hopkins

    Bikerumor (@bikerumor) / Twitter https://bikerumor.com/76projects-hi-flow-no-clog-tubeless-valve-delivers-4x-air-flow-of-presta/
    If you're constantly unclocking clogged Presta valves or running a tubeless setup, the 76 Projects HI FLOW 'No Clog' Tubeless Valves are an absolute must-have. Although it takes a little more to install them, they perform exactly as promised, making tyre inflation much quicker and easier at a price that's incredibly competitive to traditional tubeless valves. These valves may just spell the death of Presta.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 30 reviews
    Kyle Doherty
    Valve review

    These are nice valves and I especially appreciate compatibility with inserts. It would be nice to have spacers for flatter and thin rim profiles out of the box. Also I find I had to change my technique to close valves, pulling on the valve, else I’d inadvertently let out a good amp of air

    Gerald Tan
    Easy installation and reliable

    I read about these online when I was looking for a way to solve my tubeless clogging problem. The one thing that struck me was the unconventional way to install it. It's only unconventional because it doesn't follow the insert-then-secure method like contemporary valves, which this obviously wasn't. After **** the whole thing on (took only about a minute); it's done! I'm into my third week of use and there's absolutely no sign of a clog. Secondly, this is the only valve I have where I absolutely have no need for a pressure canister to seat the tires on my road and gravel bikes.

    The only gripe I have is the necessity in using a chuck adapter with my Lezyne pumps. While they fit great and work well, I wish the valves were designed not to need these.

    The best tubless valves

    Compared to the most obvious competitor - Santa Cruz's Reserve valves - these work better with certain pump heads and also **** down to prevent accidental touches losing pressure (the Reserves are always 'open' and require specific caps to cover them). So I much prefer these from 76 Projects.

    andrew parsons
    easy to use and works well

    Very easy to install and after fitting, I was able to mount my tubless tires using a regular track pump. Would recommend!

    Colin Pearce
    No clog...clogged

    First point is that the fitting instructions are a bit thin on details. You have to disassemble the valve from the base to feed it through the rim from the otherside as normal and although this is shown in the available video it isn't immediately obvious. There is a shaped rubber spacer that fits under the tightening ring - this caused a heavy air leak the first try so I had to remove them and just use the ring. I chose the smallest valves and once fitted I was pretty shocked at how long these valves are. I have them fitted to Hunt Enduro Wide V2 rims and they are at least twice as long as they need to be with 50mm of valve extended from the rim. I've yet to have it happen but they do look prime to be caught by a root or rock at any moment.

    Once you work out how to fit them they do work really well. On the first wheel I managed to apply a dose of muc-off sealant through the valve and then easily inflated the tyre onto the rim with ease. I didn't even have to use the charge bottle.

    But...the second wheel wasn't so succesful. After a couple of seconds of trying to apply Muc-off selant through the valve a clog occured and I had to pop the tyre off the rim and then apply sealant directly into the tyre. When I went to inflate the tyre again the flow had definitely been restricted by sealant and ever since, when I check my tyre pressures, there is a difference in flow between the two wheels.

    Overall they're good...but not without issues.