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Our latest and smallest on-bike storage solution is designed for carrying inner tubes, pumps, jackets or other small loads.

New universal version can bolt-on or stick-on.

  • Bolt-on - Directly mounts to frame bosses (standard 64mm spacing with 10mm of adjustment).
    • Ideal for the under top tube bosses seen on recent bikes from Transition, Nukeproof and other brands.
  • Stick-on - Uses a flexible base and VHB adhesive to attach to any bike frame.
    • Inspired by our ASS slider and Enduro mounts the stick on version sticks like sh*t to a blanket but can be removed without damaging paintwork.
  • Minimal size only 40mm wide and 22g (plus mounting screws).
  • Designed and Manufactured in the UK 

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Pete Rees
Piggy issues

Having lost my tools 3 times on a recent trip to Scotland, luckily picked up by my friend riding behind me I was slightly concerned.

Managed to eventually get a good bit of tightness on the strap to hold it ,not that it was loose but needed to strap in a certain way .

Not had any issues since but maybe need invest in a grippier tool roll wrap ?

Here honestly a good product just don't know whether the strap isn't grippy enough


So far so good

Bought with piggy pouch which it holds in place nicely on rough technical terrain (2 rides in). Used on bosses under top tube on Merida Big Trail. Glad to get some stuff out of my backpack onto the bike.

andrew brown
Good product

Installed on new bike and used for first time at the weekend at Gisburn . Was sceptical that it would hold the pump and multitool, I was impressed that I didn't have to stop and re adjust the strap. A few improvements though could be made
though, firstly the strap is long with one side being velcro, the issue being that if you do need the whole of the strap you have to twist the strap to thread it through the strap slot but this unused strap snags on the velcro, a solution would be to design two more strap slots where you could thread the strap through without having to twist the strap and force it through. Secondly the plastic bolt covers should have recesses cut in the back to allow them be reused to cover the bolts, I cut the back off and stuck them in place with clear sealant. Apart from these two minor issues the Micro Piggy is well made and better product than others on sale as the mounting plate is raised so this keeps the strap from rubbing against the frame

Steven Kimberley
Great product for the right bike!

First off this is typically 76 Projects in that it's well made, well thought out and easy to use and install. However on my Orange Alpine Evo the piggyback reservoir on the Fox X2 shock is right under the mount for the Micro Piggy and restricts it to just carrying a tube, or sticking out to the sides. I solved this problem by buying the full size Piggy and using it to move the mounting platform up the top tube away from the shock! This works a treat, looks ace and again is high quality. Love it.

Michael Haigh
Micro Piggy

My frame has a fairly flat underside to the top tube so I chose to modify the Micro Piggy a bit so it only contacts the frame at the mounting bolt bosses. It works just fine.