Adapter for HI FLOW 'No Clog' Tubeless Valves

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A screw on adapter designed to work with screw on pumps and our HI FLOW valves.

Ensure the inner o ring is lubricated before screwing on to the valve and hold the valve whilst screwing on to prevent valve coming loose.

Customer Reviews

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antony forster
Much needed adadpter

The adapter should really be sold with the valves on initial purchase. It would make set up so much easier. Out on the road the adapter gives the confidence that in the event of a tyre pressure issue you can fix it without issue

Mark Saville
Poor spacers that don’t align. Con you in to buying a special adapter!

Ordered the longer version expecting they stuck out a bit more, problem is the thread does not go all the way to the bottom. You have to put silly little spacers in and they don’t interlock so look after of alignment. Then you need an adapter to blow the tires up. Not really worth it I would return if I could and buy a diff make.

Hi Mark, our latest versions do not require spacers. If you email we can do a deal on the newer ones. As stated on the product page adapters are required for pumps that don't have lever lock heads.

Adapter for Hi Flow

Excellent item