Modules for Computer Mounts

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Module: GoPro Standard module

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A range of modules that fit to the underside of our modular computer mounts enabling the attachment of lights, cameras and other devices.

Designed to work with 76 Projects modular computer mounts only.

GoPro Standard - Allow a GoPro or other devices that use the same mounting to fit or our GoPro style light brackets.

Exposure Trace - Compact module which mounts an Exposure Trace front light as close as possible to our Modular TT mount. Great for daytime visibility without compromising Aero.

The light is angled 15 degrees down from the computer angle, for daytime riding the angle is not critical, for night riding the light should be angled below horizontal.

Universal - For attaching lights with band style attachment.

Customer Reviews

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Benoit a Katarína LEGRAND

Modules for Computer Mounts

Patrick Miles
Module mount

I was recommended to buy this by my bike fitter whilst having a performance aero bike fit on a newly built TT bike. It looks very aero and gives me somewhere neat to mount a light. Generally seems well thought out and designed by a TT racer!

Christopher Gibbard
Great product

Module mount attaches easily and hold the light well. Ridden on a lot of bumpy roads and no problems at all.
The only issue is that you can’t adjust the angle of the light so as my computer mount it attached to angled arm rests the light points slightly upward.

Gary Campbell
Front mount

Good visual design and happy with fit and positioning
Only slight issue was the mount came loose at the bolts and when I retightened them I compressed the plastic. Probably my fault 🤷‍♂️

Alastair Ribbands
TT Bike Garmin and Light Mounts

Superb products, I recommend these to all fellow riders. Simple to use, well designed and very adaptable. I liked their TT mounts so much that I also went on to use road bike mounts too on all my bikes. Great customer service as well.

Examples of modules on mounts