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Integrated On-Bike Storage Solution

Our first ever product, back when we coined the phrase 'On Bike Storage'. keen to cut down on pre-ride faff so we could maximise our evening ride times we came up with The Piggy. As we tested it the other benefits such as lower down weight soon became apparent, we knew we were on to something.

  • Fits beneath a bottle cage (the cage actually bolts to The Piggy).
  • Long mounting slots enabling it fit many frame designs.
  • Secure adjustable strap allows capacity up to 29er tube, levers, mid size multitool and CO2 inflator.
  • Built in storage for chain quick links.
  • Includes silicone band to hold bundle together.
  • Keeps the weight off of your back
  • Lowers centre of gravity
  • Use your favourite water bottle cage and tools instead of being tied to a proprietary system. Cage, tube, and tools are shown for illustrative purposes only and are not included.
  • Injection moulded from tough glass filled nylon.

    Supplied with stainless steel fixings and silicone band as standard.

    Weight - 72gms including strap and fixings.

    Keep your kit clean and dry by using the optional Piggy Pouch or Piggy Zip Case




    DOWNLOAD FIT GUIDE (print, cut out or measure guide to check fit)



    Over a month of rides, dry or wet, short or long, the Piggy (and Pouch) didn’t budge and did the job exactly as promised. Certainly the act of removing and replacing the Pouch was quicker and easier than, say, swapping a saddle bag or loose contents between bikes.
    — ROAD.CC
    Inspired storage solution for those that dislike packs and velcro straps
    — ADVTR.CC

    "Not once in many on and off road rides has anything moved or needed readjustment."


    The clever folks at 76Projects have designed the Piggy so that your bottle cage does not bolt through the Piggy, it bolts onto it. This means you can adjust the position of your cage in the frame to allow more room below it for the Piggy to fit.
    What we also really liked about the positioning of the Piggy was that it sits lower on the bike, putting the weight at a lower centre of gravity than let’s say, on one of the top tubes for example.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Steven Harris
    Piggy on bike storage

    I printed the diagram off the site to check the fitment on the bike prior to ordering and I’m please to say that the piggy was right at home on the frame! Space for my fidlock bottle plus all the kit I like to keep for trail side repairs.
    The quality is top notch, all the bolts are included and the strap adjustment design means I can get everything super neat and secure.
    Wish I had more bikes so I could fit one to them all!

    Brian Fisher
    Does what it says on the tin

    I looked for some on frame storage before cycling coast and castles. The piggy back takes all my immediate spares including SRAM battery and I can still fit a 750 ml bottle in my cage. Good quality, works well and would heartily recommend

    Robert O'Keefe
    Neat storage device.

    This innovative use of a bag and bracket allowed me to tour with three water bottles, much needed in the remote mountains. It secures well and does not intrude on the pedal stroke. Sufficient for a tube, lever, and a few essential tools.


    The Piggy is an excellent piece of kit that helps make maximum use of small frame triangle. I've had it mounted for 9 months and its still rock solid.

    Robert Smith
    Great accessory for my Winter Bike

    Combined with the Piggy Zip Case this works a treat at holding my spares on my winter road bike. Keeps both cages accessible and doesn’t jangle around like saddle bags. Great use of space on the bike. Love it.