Team Bike Exchange Chooses 76 Projects

GreenEDGE Cycling / Team BikeExchange approached us at the beginning of the year needing help with a computer mounting solution for the Vision TFE extensions that many of their riders use.

The Vision TFE extensions present challenges for normal computer mounts:

  • Non-round profile that also changes down the length of the extensions.

  • The bars ‘taper’ in heavily from the armrest to the hand position due to the armrest being positioned inside the extensions instead of the usual outside.

Our standard TT mount is well known for its unique adjustability meaning they fit almost every extension design on the market but even they couldn’t cope with the extreme taper of the TFE’s and soon a larger challenge presented itself...
The UCI decided to properly enforce a obscure rule about not having 2 binding elements between extensions. Because our standard TT mounts is connected to both extensions and TFE extension has a bridge under the armrests the combination was suddenly illegal under UCI rules. You can read more about the UCI ruling here.

The solution is a one-sided head that is only to be attached to one extension using TFE specific brackets. It still retains the 3-way adjustability meaning the computer is in the optimal position for the rider. The fast development and production that our in-house MJF additive manufacturing provides mean that we able to deliver mounts for the 1st stage of the Giro, then adjust the design and provide improved mounts for the final day TT.

One-sided mount will soon be available from with brackets to suit TFE extensions and selected others such as D2Z and Look Aergo.


Allied to this we were also asked to provide another computer mounting solution for the new custom bars that Vision make for riders such as Simon Yates.


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